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How we work

Every development project brings together participants from different backgrounds, such as client domain experts, analysts, consultants, programmers, managers, graphic designers and users. However, No single participant can understand or control all aspects of the system under development, and the cost of communication failure can have a high, and sometimes fatal, impact on the project.

At Meligent, we value communication and collaboration highly. We believe that effective communication and collaboration contributes as much to the success of the project as a good design and efficient implementation. We do whatever it takes to understand the needs of our clients, suggest strategies and solutions, and most importantly, bring clarity to their choices, so they can feel comfortable in knowing that their decisions are wise ones while we deliver the solution efficiently and cost-effectively. That's why we have devised a structured, yet flexible approach to project management in order to drives us, and our clients, to success.

Define the object of the system and agree on a set of requirements.

- Define business goals and strategies.
- Research and background studies on industry, competitors, partners and users.
- Elicit requirements, expectations and limitations such as functionalities, user-system interactions, time and budget.

Design a model of the system that is correct, complete, consistent, unambiguous, realistic and verifiable.

- Transform elicited requirements and knowledge into an object model.
- Propose design, look and feel, navigation and style.
- Propose deployment strategy, schedule and cost.

Developers translate the proposed model into source code.

- Milestone-based development approach.
- Confirm design elements and make changes if necessary.
- Unit, integration and system testing.

Delivers end product, maintenance and supporting services that ensures customer satisfaction.

- User acceptance testing.
- Load and scalability testing.
- Confirm deployment structure.

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